We believe a store should be more than a place to shop…it should be an experience.  Our vision is to create a place for our guests to feel welcome and inspired by the collection of goodness here at The Market.  This is an antique, decor, vintage and new trends experience that is unlike anything in the Atlanta area. The interior is a cross between strolling down a main street and a Designer’s Show House along with nostalgic finds from days gone by.

We combine old & new with some of the region’s top pickers to bring you beautiful & unique decor along with vintage & handcrafted pieces. We house over 170 dealers that work each and every day to bring the most wonderful finds at the best prices possible. We love the fact that people come and stay much longer than planned. It’s because there is such an amazing eclectic difference to what we offer. 

Our History

The best things in life seem to always come in the most unexpected ways. While looking for ways to raise funds for an inner-city children’s ministry, we decided to use reclaimed materials, repurpose them into useful pieces and sell them at a local antique mall. Little did we know this would be a glimpse of things to come.

Two years later what began in a small 6×8 booth, evolved into a 4500 square foot consignment store featuring home décor, furniture, antiques and vintage finds. We saw our store as a gathering place for the unique and unexpected, and chose the name Woodstock Market, – “gathering place” – and opened in the fall of 2008.

Two weeks later the country plummeted into one of the worst economic downturns in US history since the Great Depression. As fate would have it, our little store flourished. Three years later in early 2011 we received an unexpected 60 day notice to vacate. Little did we know this would launch us into the most adventurous, part of our journey. Once again, the country was on the verge of its second recession. So what did we do? With a firm belief that anything is possible with God, we took a leap of faith and moved in to a 50,000 sf building, which is now our new home. If you are in the area come visit and ask for Karen or Lisa – we’d love to say “hello.”

Giving Back

The Market believes giving back and serving others is a privilege, which is why we are committed to giving at least 10% of our profits to local charities and individuals every year. We have a passion for helping children in need and focus most of our giving with organizations trying to make these young lives better. We also take time to serve with kindness and give randomly to those who may need to remember they are loved and not alone.

Christmas Window Reveal

The Market began handcrafting their Christmas Window display in 2013 with the hope of making them a new tradition for families in the community. Today, thousands visit the window display which has received national attention as one of the best Christmas windows in the country, alongside retail giants such as Macy’s and Sak’s Fifth Avenue. Join us & Santa for a night of family fun as we kick off the holiday season!