Frequently Asked Questions

How does all of this work?

The Market is a creative and eclectic mix of shops comprised of 40 showrooms and 160 booth spaces.  The main difference is: showrooms line the perimeter of the store; feature additional electrical outlets and are a great choice for those who want to build or expand their business.  

Once your application is accepted you rent a space, make it your own and are officially a Vendor.  Each vendor is issued an ID number which they put on their sale tags along with the cost and a brief description of the item. Customers are able to shop hundreds of vendor shops all under one roof. When a customer finds an item they want to purchase, they take the item to the checkout counter; one of our staff enters the vendor number, description and price into our point of sale system which credits the item to the vendors account. Each vendor is emailed a daily sales report at the end of the day. Vendors are paid the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month and pickup their checks at the Market.  Rent is due by the 5th of the month.

Vendors do not need to be present at the store to sell their merchandise. Just setup your space, tag your merchandise, and we do the rest. You can open a shop, keep your day job and sell your products without the expense and stress of owning your own brick and mortar store.  Some vendors have been so successful that they leave their day job and become full-time vendors, often renting several spaces within our store to expand their business.

How much does it cost?

We charge a monthly rental rate along with the industry standard 10% commission on sales and 3% credit card fee.  Rental rates are determined by size and location of the space. 

What types of spaces are available for rent?

We have the following spaces available:

1) 40 showrooms: showrooms line the perimeter of the store and were designed to help individuals build their small business.

2) 160 booths: booths range in size from 8×8 to 8×20 and provide vendors an excellent opportunity to sell their goods.

3) 12 kiosks: kiosks are small mobile units for those with smaller or single item inventories.

How long is the lease?

The lease is an initial 6 month commitment then month to month.

How do I lease a space?

1) Fill out the online application. 2) We’ll contact you and discuss available options. 3) Start planning your space and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

How do you choose who comes into the store?

We look at all the applications we have and decide who we feel would be the best fit for the space we have available.  We also consider the quality of the items for sale; the location of the space; the look of surrounding shops and the experience of the vendor.

Are there work requirements?

No.  We work for you so you can build your business.

Do you have electrical outlets in each booth?

Yes.  We encourage vendors to use lighting because it makes your space and the store look better.

How do you advertise?

The Market uses digital and print advertising including: social media, newspaper, billboards, magazines and email marketing.  We recently installed digital signage inside the store to make customers more aware of what our dealers offer.

Do you have special events?

The Market is well known for our two annual sales events that bring thousands of shoppers to the store.  We also have monthly and quarterly events designed to reach our broad customer base.

What social media platforms are you on and how often do you post?

We are active on Facebook and Instagram and post on a daily basis.

Are there specific times I can restock my booth or make changes without customers being there?

Yes.   The store is open to dealers (2) evenings each month from 7-9pm.  Additional hours are added during the holiday season as well. 

What do you allow vendors to sell? or Are there restrictions on what I can sell?

The Market strives to keep a balance of new, vintage & antiques, fashion, re-purposed, handcrafted and custom built.  Flea market items are not allowed.

Are there restrictions on how I design my space?

The Market is well known for its visual merchandising and store design.  To keep a consistent look we have a select group of HGTV paint colors that vendors may choose from. No folding tables or branded displays (beer brands, etc.) are allowed.  If a vendor wishes to install flooring they must use a floating system.