Woodstock Market, dba The Market, Liability Agreement

Neither Woodstock Market, Woodstock Market & Show, The Market, the promoters, their representatives, agents, employees, or guests of the Woodstock Market & Show and/or facility on which the activities are presented are responsible for any injury, loss, or damage from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by any vendor, their employees, agents or property. The Vendor, upon execution of this Agreement, expressly releases the foregoing-named associations, parties, individuals, and employees from any and all claims for such injury, loss or damage. The Vendor further agrees to save and hold each of the foregoing named associations, parties, individuals and employees harmless from any claim or demand on account of any bodily injury or physical property damage caused by or resulting from any negligent or willful act of Vendor, their representatives agents or employees in the operation of Vendor’s business, display or booth.

Woodstock Market & Show will provide a security guard during closed hours of the event to patrol the facility. However, no responsibility is assumed by the Woodstock Market, the Woodstock Market & Show, or the promoters, their agents, or affiliates for goods delivered to or situated at the Woodstock Market & Show facility during the event’s operating hours, or for materials left on the premises after the event’s closing hours.​

I have carefully read the Vendor Agreement & this Liability Agreement and understand the procedures of Woodstock Market & Show. I understand the cancellation procedures and that there are NO REFUNDS of booth fees paid, I understand that sub-leasing of booths is prohibited and that I am required to keep my booth open during all advertised show hours. I also understand that management has the right to move vendors to other booth locations at any time for the betterment of the show.​

Woodstock Market & Show reserves the right to cancel or change this contract at any time without notice and reassign space for the betterment of the show.​