PEPPERMANGO has been an evolution of my personal home style which has taken inspiration from handmade and crafted items acquired from around the globe. PEPPERMANGO offers an eclectic mix of home textiles, unique home decor and our very own line of handcrafted candles, diffusers and spa products.

A well crafted PEPPERMANGO home is not one that is filled with mass produced replicas which you find on a magazine rack, instead they are curated fragrances that reflect your personal vibe and decorated with objects that evoke emotion and reflect your unique personal style.

Every PEPPERMANGO product should be timeless in style, function and purpose. When chosing stockists, we source from companies which offer fair trade and celebrate the quality and traditions of generations past. By supporting small global artestians we are keeping traditions alive and giving back to villages which most would only learn about in a blog post.

When you purchase from PEPPERMANGO you are choosing products with a story, you are supporting a creators dream, and you are bringing unique and beautiful products to your home. It is our hope that our products bring to you as much happiness you they do us, and most importantly an appreciation for all things handcrafted.

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