A decade ago I stumbled across a leather bag maker in Texas. These bags were hearty, lush, and smelled of all the rich goodness that can only come from genuine leather. I realized that year on my very meager salary that: 1) I was tired of buying a new work tote each year due to wear and tear that would inevitably leave it “un-toteable”, and 2) I could not justify spending a large chunk of my hard earned of money on a name brand bag made by slave labor in sweatshop in China, when I could have one handmade by an artisan with a story. This rabbit trail of thinking led me down the research road of fair trade, sustainability, and a harebrained idea in 2016 to start a small side business where I began selling leather bags, handmade for a living wage by women in Uganda. And that’s how the Kindred Market began.

Our concept was and still is a simple desire: to curate a retail collection of sustainably designed, ethically made, handcrafted goods from around the world.

First and foremost we believe each person that is part of the process should be paid a living wage, have access to safe and fair working conditions, and be treated with dignity. I absolutely LOVE the businesses and artisans we get to partner with! They are the heartbeat, muscle, and talent behind the products we carry. These items are unique and handmade, by individuals and companies committed to ethical practices and sustainability. Many are members of the Fair Trade Federation, while others are up and coming businesses who adhere to the same or higher principles of fair trade.

After a year and a half of operating as a pop up shop and selling at local markets and festivals, in 2018 we joined The MKT with our first retail booth space. We’ve additionally had the fun of adding vintage and antique finds that we not only stage our retail goods on, but sell as well. (Bonus: it fits perfectly into the model of being eco-friendly by reusing and repurposing old goods!)

We hope you’ll find something from our little shop uniquely made, with quality that lasts, and with a purpose you love.

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